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The loss of a loved one can trigger a storm of emotions that can be difficult to navigate as an adult, let alone as a child with no relevant life experience. Based on true events, this book tells the story of a boy named Zion, as he struggles with the reality of death and the pain of losing his beloved grandfather. Follow Zion’s journey with his family through confusion and grief to understanding and acceptance as he raises questions that any young child might have during such a difficult time.

Discussion points and other resources suitable for parents, caregivers, and teachers are included.

Where's Poppi? takes a child's confusion and disorientation about losing a loved one and provides that most needed thing at such a time: a space to safely hold and sort all of the many emotions and questions. The book is developmentally appropriate for a young child's understanding and draws the reader in with its true-to-life dialogue and situations. The story of Zion and Poppi's relationship allows the reader room for the bittersweet mix of sadness and joyous memory that losing a loved one stirs up. It opens opportunities for the child and family to communicate about--and sit with--the complex feelings and uncertainties that everyone, adult or child, feels after death. The guidance and resources for parents provided by the author are also an excellent resource on their own. I warmly recommend Where's Poppi? as a great addition to a family's library and as a springboard to coming to terms with a dear one's death. 

Cooley Gaffigan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW


Where’s Poppi? delivers a delicate yet honest message for children (and their parents) struggling with the death of a loved one. This story is especially timely as the media blasts news of millions of deaths around the world and children are challenged to understand what it really means. I highly recommend this book – especially to parents, counselors, and teachers of children ages 4 to 8.

Tina Clayton, Educational Consultant, former Elementary Principal

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