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Social emotional learning books designed to facilitate difficult discussions with children while educating and empowering them to explore their feelings.  

Where's Poppi 8.5x11cover_51121.jpg
Where's Poppi?

ISBN: 978-1-09838-129-5

The loss of a loved one can trigger a storm of emotions that can be difficult to navigate as an adult, let alone as a child with no relevant life experience. Based on true events, this book tells the story of a boy named Zion, as he struggles with the reality of death and the pain of losing his beloved grandfather. Follow Zion’s journey with his family through confusion and grief to understanding and acceptance as he raises questions that any young child might have during such a difficult time. Discussion points, writing prompts, and other resources suitable for parents, caregivers, and teachers are included.

The Wild-Haired Poet from Missoula, MT


Becca is a feisty child, with unruly hair and unruly feelings that often spill from her mouth before she can grab them! She feels different from everyone in her class. After one impulsive and desperate attempt to fit in makes matters horribly worse, Becca discovers that being different is not so bad after all. In fact, different is just fine.

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