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Becca is a feisty child with a flair for poetry and fantastical style! She fearlessly speaks her mind and acts on her feelings, but sometimes she could use a little direction. With untamed emotions wilder than her unruly hair, Becca gets carried away and crosses boundaries before she can rein in her feelings. When unruly behavior puts her in the spotlight at school, Becca learns to shine like a true star, rising to the challenge of building character and self-control--with a little help from friends and family!

Lesson plan and other resources suitable for parents, caregivers, and teachers are included.

Parents are Talking!

Wild-Haired Poet is just beautiful. The message and illustrations are perfect. I highly recommend it."
"My grands love Wild-Haired Poet!"
"Beautiful illustrations, fun and relatable character, sweet and relevant message!"

Teachers are Talking!

"I shared Wild-Haired Poet with my class and they loved  it! The message was sweet and helps students celebrate their uniqueness while learning how to regulate their emotions."
"Wild-Haired Poet is an adorable book with a great message. You will want to include it in your child's library. It is well written, delightful and engaging."

Administrators are Talking!

"While my expertise is educational testing, not children’s literature, I quickly grasped this book’s value as a tool for teaching measurable reading competencies."
“Learning how to manage feelings is a challenging task for students of all ages, but it can get easier with practice.  Wild-Haired Poet allows students to see that struggle through the eyes of 'fantastical Becca' while learning and laughing their way through strategies they can practically apply.”
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