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Watch your step

Watch your step

I was on a cruise recently, and I saw lots of signs saying, “Watch your step.” And if there weren’t signs, there were crew members admonishing us to, “Watch our step.”

I needed that instruction. You see, I get so mesmerized with the dazzling lights and the shiny things that I’m easily distracted. And it doesn’t have to be on a cruise ship…

I also get distracted in everyday life with my cares, my concerns, my things which are maybe not so dazzling and shiny, but are distracting nonetheless. So, the same admonition holds true.

Watch your step.

I need a friendly reminder from a caring brother or sister who won’t judge me or put me down. Or even worse, sit back and wait (almost hope) that I fall.

I need friendly advice from someone who doesn’t mind sharing their past failures and experiences.

I mean, we’re all on this journey together, right?

So, you may see someone casually walking along on this trip called Life and notice that they’re not paying attention. You know there’s imminent danger because, in fact, it’s a path you’ve trod.

That’s your cue. Step in. Be your brother or sister’s keeper, and say:

“Hey, I’ve walked down that path you’re on and there’s danger ahead. I know because I fell. I care about you. And I just wanted to say…watch their step.”

Kendra Timberlake, October 25, 2006

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