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bestest chick friend ever

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The bestest chick-friend ever

God knew I didn’t need a perfect friend, but one who messes up – like me. Yeah, now that woman would be a perfect friend for me. And that’s what God gave me.

One who loves her husband, but whose husband gets on her nerves at times – like mine.

One who adores her children, but who wouldn’t mind kicking them out – every now and then.

One who’s grateful to have a job, but whose job, well, can I say…sucks sometimes.

One who is devoted to her church. But, uh, hey, even church stuff bugs her.

She’s perfect. The bestest chick-friend ever.

She talks out her problems, but doesn’t gossip. Honest about her feelings without being negative or complaining. In fact, I admire her most for being able to look at her circumstances, smile, and still thank God. She truly endures like a mature woman of God.

It’s crazy, but how can such an imperfect person be so perfect for me?

My imperfect friend – the bestest chick-friend ever.

Kendra Timberlake, 2006

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