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An ice cream sundae and a pocketbook

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

My best friend was trusting God for a particular job that didn’t materialize. At first there was frustration and tears. Then she got quiet enough to hear God say, “You trust me, don’t you?” Through her tears, she replied, “Of course I do God!”

So she wiped her tears, girded up her loins, and did what any good Christian woman would do. She went to the mall. There, she bought an ice cream sundae and a pocketbook.

You know, life will have its adversities, tests, its trials, and challenges. But in the midst of them all, we have to take a stand…and having done all…stand.

Then…well, then you need to reward your faithfulness.

Because sometimes in this life, you need (and deserve) an ice cream sundae and a pocketbook…

Kendra Timberlake, 2002

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