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acts of random kindness

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I just re-watched Evan Almighty. Have you seen it? It’s a really cute family movie.

It’s about a newly-elected congressman, Evan Baxter, who wants to change the world. That’s what he tells his wife and she says, “Well, ya gonna need all the help you can get and it wouldn’t hurt to pray.” Reluctantly, Evan does just that.

Soon he gets a visit from the Almighty himself. Whoa! Not exactly what Evan had bargained for – and he certainly could never have imagined God’s next instruction. Build an ark for an impending flood.

Now in case you haven’t seen the movie, I’ll not tell the entire story. But, I do want to tell you how it ends. (Well, some of how it ends.)

After Evan completes his task, God tells him, “Good job, son.” God is pleased. Evan is pleased. He wanted to change the world and he did it – through one act of random kindness. A-R-K.

My fifth grader tells me that in poetry, that’s called an acrostic. Each letter standing for something. That got me to thinking.

You see, I believe that’s how we provide protection for people around us. That’s how Evan changed his world and it’s how we will change ours – even if that world only consists of those with whom we interact on a daily basis. Family, friends, coworkers – even strangers. And these people don’t even have to know it was us!

Oh yeah, the story ends with God and Evan doing a little victory dance. Evan danced with God!

That’s what I’m purposing to do today. What about you? Will you invite God's presence through random acts of kindness? I encourage you to plan one. Or some.

And afterwards…I hope you dance.

Kendra Timberlake, 2008

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