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the kitchen fan

Have you ever been in a situation, feeling extremely annoyed and aggravated, yet not knowing why?

Have you checked the kitchen fan?

No, really. I’m serious. The kitchen fan could be the culprit.

One day, I was cooking away and suddenly, I realized I was feeling agitated, very irritated. The kids would come in and ask questions about homework or whatever and I’d snap. My husband would come in and ask where something was. Snap! What in the world was going on?

After each of my sweet family members had been accosted by mama and made to skulk to their respective rooms, I began to reflect.

It didn’t take long to figure out that a low, whirring, evil, almost imperceptible sound was the offender. The kitchen fan.

My goodness, but that thing irritates me to no end. What’s more – I never turn it on. It’s always my helper-husband who finds the need to come in the kitchen, and unbeknownst to me, turn on my source of irritation. (Why doesn’t he cook while he’s in there, too?!) There I am, unsuspecting victim – cooking and screaming.

Whew! Relief swept over me when I turned that thing off.

Do you have any kitchen fans in your life right now? Things in your life distracting you from what’s really important – keeping you from reaching your full potential – steady, whirring irritants draining you of sanity and energy. A complaining coworker, negative family member, discouraging friend. Or maybe it’s the TV, your cellphone, or social media. You know what it is for you.

May I suggest that it might be high time you simply turned off those unproductive voices in your life?

Turn them off and find time for you. Quiet time alone with your thoughts. Time alone with the Lord. Time alone with nothing but you and your dreams.

Out with the irritating. In with the stimulating. Good-bye, kitchen fans!

(Hey, who invented that thing anyway? Certainly not a woman.)

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